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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Exorcist:

I'm one of the few who did not find this movie scary, because of 3 reasons:
1. I didn't see it in '73 when it came out at the movies because I was only 5.
2. I read the book in the early 80's when I was in my teens, so that pretty much spoiled any surprise or shock-value that the movie might hold.
3. I finally saw it after that on television, and by then the delivery was already becoming out-dated (although, to be fair to the flick, and to all who participated in its making, I'm sure if I'd seen it at the movies it would've been different).
I believe the book was written by Shirley Maclaine's (sp?) brother, at least that's what I read somewhere.


Kim said...

Shirly MacLaine's brother is Warren Beatty, and he sure ain't no horror writer. The Exorcist was written by William Peter Blatty.

I can't hear Tubular Bells without getting creeped out, btw. I hate that movie. I am not a horror movie fan in general, though.

joe said...

i think the author, William Peter Blatty, is her half-brother or step brother

Hairball said...

I also didn't see it in '73 because I was four, and my folks had these nutty ideas about not taking toddlers to R rated movies. ;)

I did see it at a theater in my teens, and the first viewing did creep me out. Nowadays, I sometimes watch the edited version on TV and get a kick out of the 70s fashions, home decor, etc.

Once again, you are freaking me out as I referenced this movie a couple of days ago while commenting on another blog.

Synchronicity and all that jazz!

joe said...

Great minds think alike, for sure ;^)

Kim said...

Can't vouch for the integrity of this site, but I found this:

joe said...

Well, if it's a link that proves I'm right, I'll check it out. If it proves me wrong, I might not.

grannyann said...

It wasn't that scary but just suspenseful.

joe said...

But the point is, that I read the book before I saw the movie, so no suspense for me. I knew what was going to happen. I don't recall many alterations from the book. But, at least I saw it.
For free.

Scandalous Housewife said...

I had a mean babysitter who made me watch it with her one late night on cable in the mid 70's, and it scared me to DEATH! Later, when I lived in DC, my friends and I would go to the house they filmed the movie in (located in Georgetown) and walk down the long stairs the priest threw himself down to kill the demon!

joe said...

You had a scandalous babysitter.

Lynda said...

I watched this movie at a birthday party when I was 9 and it scared the crap out of me.

joe said...

Yes, it was a freaky story. I felt bad for the priest, though. He got a raw deal..


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