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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farewell to one of the great ones:

I wasn't going to post anything on her passing. So many celebs have died recently that if I posted them all my blog would've looked like an obituary site, but I can't help it. I'll miss Mary. She made the world a better place, for sure. My condolences to Peter and Paul.


C said...

ya know, their song "puff the magic dragon" always made [makes] me cry. i think its the tune and sadness of it. i balled my eyes out everytime i heard it as a kid.
i didnt know she died.

good music.


Hairball said...

So sad.

FilmFather said...

Sadly ironic that the picture you found mentions a reunion.

Seriously, what up with all the actors / singers / celebrities dying this year?

Marissa said...

I loved Puff the Magic Dragon and Blowin' in the Wind. Glad you posted this. I felt alone in my sadness.

grannyann said...

I loved P P & M so much. Their music is timeless.