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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Green Ghost Game:

My cousin Dee Dee had this game. We played it once in my grandparent's house.
In the bathroom..... (it was the only room that was dark enough when we pulled the shade down).
I was drawn to glow-in-the-dark things. Plus, I loved haunted houses, ghosts, etc. I don't remember much about how the game went (who won, etc.), because Dee Dee habitually made the rules up as she went along (she thought I was too young to notice, but I did notice, and basically I knew she was full of crap that day). She was always "just remembering" rules which worked in her favor, whatever we were playing.. ..
The above pic is taken from an ebay listing. You can find it here.


grannyann said...

You come up with the most interesting items - most of which I never heard of but interesting none the less.

joe said...

Well, if you ever do come across one of these things, don't play it with Dee Dee. She cheats..

Jim @ said...

Everybody knew a Dee Dee i.e. one who made up their own rules. I don't remember this one but I liked the glow in the dark stuff also.

joe said...

Of course I never made up rules as I went along. That's what seperated me from Dee Dee.
... I found other ways to cheat...

sHans said...

Don't be too hard on "Dee". The Green Ghost rules were convoluted and probably impossible for a child to get right; without the help of an adult playing with them a few times. My cousins had a game also, and though we toyed with it, I'm sure we never played it correctly. TO this day I'd be curious to have a game to see out it really plays out. Here the "Green Ghost" game rules:
Read them and see what you think.

joe said...

Well I still say she cheated.


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