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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We All Live In A Capital I.

We all live in a capital I, In the middle of the desert, In the center of the sky. And all day long we polish on the I, To keep it clean and shiny So it brightens up the sky.
Rubbing it here And scrubbing it there, Polishing the I So high in the air.
As we work we sing a lively tune "It is great to be so happy on a busy afternoon." And when we're through with the day's only chore, We go into the I And we close the door.
Capital I, capital I, capital I, capital I


Anonymous said...

wow i was recently up in a wind turbine and the little door at the bottom totally reminded me of this cartoon...i can't believe you posted it, i thought i was the only one who remembered it! i was singing the song the whole time i was there!

joe said...

I'm curious if polishing the I was their "only chore", what makes it such a "busy afternoon"... all of a sudden that just doesn't make sense..

Marco said...

Joe: Maybe there were a lot of birds in the area (or on an enviornmental note... smog)

joe said...

Still, one chore a day seems a bit of a stretch.

L.J. said...

I think the song is all about being happy with your life endeavor however meager that may seem on the surface. I liken them to monks being happy with their work.

Amianan said...

I have always loved this clip. Now that I'm older I have a feeling it's a Sesame Street introduction to meditating and knowing thyself - polishing the I! The 70s were so cool.

Amianan said...
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