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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Does anyone else remember:

Carol Wayne. She was a bubbly, ditzy blonde that appeared on The Tonight Show several times in the early 70's. I think she even hosted the show once or twice. She also appeared on various game shows. She passed away in 1985 under extremely questionable circumstances. How sad it is that the worst things often happen to the nicest people.


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Yes, I remember her on The Tonight Show. I didn't realize she had passed away :(

joe said...

Yep. Dead.

grannyann said...

I remember the face but not much else.I have a question about what you posted on my blog:
"I use my plastic grocery bags as garbage bags, then dump my garbage off at the local convenience store. Done that for years."
what do you mean you dump your garbage off at a local convenience store?

joe said...

At the local gas station/convenience store in the outside trash receptacles. I figure I buy enough of their garbage, let them have some of mine.

Lacey said...

Carol Wayne was a fixed feature on many TV shows. The blond sex bomb of the 60s through 70s she was in quite a few films including Blake Edward's "The Party," with Peter Sellers.

She tried to make a comeback in the 80s with a spread in Playboy, but personal problems, age, and the fact that "cougar" had not been coined yet, held her up.

A good example for all the "talented" girls of today who rely more on their looks than their brains. A new crop is always right behind you.

joe said...

It's all just so sad... she seemed like such a sweet person, too.