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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall 1978 Saturday morning cartoon schedule:

Except for Bugs Bunny, I can't say any of the above were my faves, but I had the pic and didn't want to just delete it..


Dex1138 said...

I've been watching Jason of Star Command over the past year or so. Funny stuff. I can't believe the baddie was Sid Haig!

Will said...

Jason rocked, about as good as the Buck Rogers show

lazlo1988 said...

I have a DVD set of Space Command, which was, I think, the precursor to Jason of Star Command. I actually didn't watch that particular show back in the '70s, but its pretty good.

I do remember '70s cartoons vividly. I used to like the Pink Panther, which you dont see so much of nowadays. I cant help but notice that the '70s "swinger" lingo has managed to make it into even the kid's shows: "Turn us on and we'll turn you on!!!"

Sunnydaze said...

This was a cool find.

joe said...

All: Do kids even watch Saturday morning cartoons anymore?


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