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Monday, August 08, 2011

Random fact:

I was very close to my grandmother. To me, she resembled Endora on Bewitched (I think she looked alot like her). She also resembled her in the fact that, if she liked you, you could never get on her bad side, and if she didn't like you, you could never get on her good side..


Caffeinated Joe said...

Endora as a grandmother must be a tough thing to handle at times! But yeah, she was forever loyal and there for those she loved. :)

Dolly the Bird said...

I love Agnes Moorehead!! I'm sure I would have loved your grandmother!! I just said to my mom the other day that, when I get old, I'm going to make my eyeliner wings even more extreme and wear those fabulous caftans and piles of necklaces and rings and bracelets just like Endora. She gave me a 'look'. Whatever. I think I'll be the glammy-est granny around!
For the record, my grandmothers were more like Aunt Bea from The Andy Griffith Show. One of them acted just like like her. The other one LOOKED just like her...really...they could have been sisters, Frances Bavier and my Mamaw.
Yayyy for grandmothers!!!

joe said...

CJ: Endora was a great grandmother, but a nightmare for a mother-in-law..

Dolly: I loved Aunt Bea.

Sunnydaze said...

I loved Endora!

Blast from the Past said...

I loved the way she talked. She could say about a dozen things in just the way she said "Derwood!" Or the twinkle in her eye when she would "agree" to something, but you knew she had a totally different plan in mind.

joe said...

I saw one of the first episodes, when Darren met Endora, and Darren was a real ass. He deserved all he got, in my opinion

Sunny: Me too. And Serena

Robin Eduardo said...

I already got a bunch of caftans and funky jewelry, and attitude? She ain't got nuthin' on me! I plan on being the cool grandma!

joe said...

Haha awesome. Send me a pic someday ;^)


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