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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Since it's Saturday morning I thought I'd do an image search for '70s cereal premiums and found the above. It looks to be late '50s / very early '60s. I don't ever recall wanting a pony as a kid. I wonder what the cereal was, probably Wheaties or something.. or maybe it was a commercial during The Lone Ranger or Roy Rogers. Either way I wonder if any kid actually won that horse, although I doubt it.


Jack said...

Good morning, Joe. I don't remember this one, but from the dress slacks and pre-Mattel toy gun the kid's wearing, I'd date it mid-50s at the latest. Kids in that era were deluged with a nonstop barrage of western characters, and ate, breathed, and slept cowboy gear; I remember having sleeve cuff whose purpose was to hold a row of fake leather fringe that hung from my wrists to my elbows. Having a real horse was just the ultimate cowboy accessory, and every boy's ultimate dream. Come to think of it, growing up in the 'burbs, I don't recall ever seeing one around the neighborhood, either...

joe said...

I've always been skiddish of horses. I rode once and I didn't take to it very well. My instructor eventually yelled at me. I've always been a poor student


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